Here you can find a colection of the best practices, which were selected, were examined by the PUBLENEF partners in close coordination with managing authorities, and relevant experts and stakeholders. The most suited case studies were ultimately selected.
The selection process was based on criteria such as:

  • level of efficiency obtained,
  • type of technology,
  • type of financial mechanisms,
  • project delivery structure,
  • costeffectiveness,
  • level of reproducibility (i.e. dependence on country context)

Please feel free to download and replicate in your communities!

GP 1: Biomass District Heating - Tralee
GP 2: NEWLIGHT: a potential solution for up-scaling investments in Energy Efficiency and Renewables
GP 3: Integrating ‘sustainability’ in all departments
GP 4: Joint procurement process for purchasing bulk energy in the Zlín Region
GP 5: AGIR (Action Globale Innovante pour la Région – Innovative Global Action for the Region)
GP 6: The Night Hawks project - Night Walks: off production hours site inspections i.e. energy checks
GP 7: Crowdfunding platform project for energy efficiency
GP 12: Training workshop
GP 13: Sustainable Energy Action Plans
GP 14: An energy clock integrated in a public building
GP 15: Energy saving in schools Bielsko-Biala
GP 16: Database for consumption of public buildings Brasov
GP 17: Revolving energy saving fund Litomerice
GP 18: The Sustainable Construction Programme in Andalusia (PICSA)
GP 19: ClimAtlantic Project
GP 20: Operational Programme “Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy”
GP 21: Facilitation of Energy Project Investment in Local Authorities
GP 22: Public Sector Energy Programme
GP 23: PAREER Program
GP 24: Energy Saving Provincial Plan - Alicante
GP 25: Energy efficiency improvement in the lighting in Mercado de Delicias
GP 26: PROMISE – Promoting best practices to support energy efficient consumer behaviour on European island
GP 27: Project Regional Networks for the development of a Sustainable Market for Bioenergy in Europe (BioRegions)
GP 28: Passive House Regions with Renewable Energies (PassREg)
GP 29: iURBAN Project
GP 30: RES heating plan in Rhodope Region tо 2030
GP 31: Energy and environmental management in public buildings in the City of Czestochowa
GP 32: Governance support for cogeneration installation in a public swimming pool
GP 33: LOCALES (Local Energy Saving)
GP 34: Energy + CNR
GP 36: Installation of renewable energy systems in the public and residential buildings
GP 37: Thermal Modernization and Refurbishment Fund
GP 38: Removal of the low-stack emission in Miechow – the KAWKA project
GP 39: Sustainability in integrated development
GP 40: Public Sector ISO50001 Support Programme
GP 41: Energy retrofitting of Public Buildings Attiki - Greece
GP 43: Differentiated waste collection, Sustainable mobility
GP 44: Promotional packs on energy efficiency in the Lesser Poland Voivodship
GP 45: Life IP “Implementation of Air Quality Plan for the Lesser Poland Region – the Lesser Poland Voivodship in a healthy atmosphere
GP 46: Reduce the use of energy carriers (especially in the area of heat) and promote an integrated approach to energy efficiency
GP 47: Establishing a team responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the “Low carbon economy plan for the City of Opole”
GP 53: Creation and management of the Energy Desk of the municipality of Messina
GP 54: Developing Alba Iulia Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP)
GP 55: Marathon 2020 – Community of Bucharest District 1 to be the first energy efficient community in Romania by 2020