publenef_fav32Traditional approaches for sharing EE policy experiences often do not go into sufficient details, nor provide MS in their national, regional or local level with the necessary support required in order for them to make informed decisions and ultimately to ensure they design and implement robust EE policies.

publenef_fav32PUBLEnEf will build upon this and will develop detailed guidelines, and by ensuring carefully planned and well managed stakeholder engagement activities it will successfully deliver a comprehensive package of support, ensuring effective knowledge transfer and capacity building in project partner countries, establishing and launching of road-maps through creating a web-based platform where MS can easily access information and guidance on all issues relating to EE policy making.

publenef_fav32Few similar tools are available in some MS but the need for cross-information exchange between best practices in policy making (from financing to resource optimization for delivering EE policies) among the national, regional and local level is present. PUBLEnEf will target thus at collecting the necessary information in other regions or cities to use them in order to identify suitable solutions that answer their specific needs.

Starting with 25th of September 2017 the PUBLEnEf online toolbox is available here.