Departing from the transposition and implementation process of the European Union Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), the role of the multilevel governance is of utmost importance, as all policy layers (national, regional and local) contribute to the overall energy saving target of each MS.
To support this process, a key message to local and regional authorities is that once their MS transpose the EED fully, it will be their task to ensure that national legislators implement it.

Regions and cities should thus design their sustainable energy strategies (through supporting mechanisms such as the Covenant of Mayors), provide the required means for attracting investments to finance their strategies, scale up efforts, implement policies to achieve their targets, and monitor and verify the policy outcomes. Action at local level is thus essential. The EU, national governments, cities, regions, industry and citizens must work together and follow a shared roadmap and mutually supportive policies to accelerate action in the short and long term.
In this respect, the full title of PUBLEnEf was “Supporting Public Authorities for Implementing Energy Efficiency Policies”, and that is exactly what has been accomplished during the project lifetime (2016 – 2019).
PUBLENEF partners have engaged with policymakers at MS, regional, and local levels across the EU related to energy efficiency to provide them with credible information, insights, and tools, in order to make the policy processes more efficient and effective and to improve the overall quality of decision-making and policy implementation.