Supporting Public Authorities for implementing Energy Efficiency Policies

PUBLEnEf is a 3-year project funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme, aiming to assist EU Member States in implementing effective and efficient sustainable energy policies (with the focus on energy efficiency).

The project helps to empower policy-makers to make use of best practices.
Specific objectives of PUBLEnEf include:

  • Identification of the needs from national, regional and local authorities for the implementation of Energy Efficiency policies,
  • Collection of best practices and tools for overcoming these needs and replicate them to various Member States, regions and municipal authorities,
  • Development of roadmaps and enhancement the process of successful implementation of policies,
  • Building and strengthening existing networks of policy makers enabling the knowledge exchange from national to regional to local level in Energy Efficiency policy.

The PUBLEnEf process aims at the assessment of existing energy efficiency policy implementation practices in European Union countries, regions, and cities; strengthening the networking opportunities for relevant public agencies and development and adjustment tools for public agencies to help them to implement energy efficiency policies.
Furthermore, PUBLEnEf developed a digital platform to enhance the exchange of information and to provide a large variety of supporting tools and resources for energy efficiency policy planning, development, implementation and evaluation.
JIN Climate and Sustainability (The Netherlands) coordinates the PUBLEnEf project, and collaborates with 12 partner organisations: (CRES) Greece ,(KAPE), Poland, , (CIEMAT) Spain, (CEI), Croatia, (ABEA), Bulgaria, (ESV), Austria, (ENEA)Italy, (FEDARENE), Belgium, (Energy Cities), France , (TEA), Ireland, (ARENE), France, (AEEPM), Romania, (ISNOVA), Italy.

You can find out more information of our project on our website ( or please feel free to contact us at