Date: April 6, 2017

Time: 10:30 - 12:40

Location: Marion Room, Anglesea Rd, RDS, Dublin 4, Ireland

PUBLENEF disemination

“The objective of this session is to learn from best practice examples from Europe of strategic approaches and models and inform the development of a business case for Irish public lighting stock. The RMO will present on Ireland’s current status and plans for retrofitting public lights. This will be followed by presentation from countries, similar to Ireland, who have or are the process of significant large scale public lighting retrofits. Project development supports in the EU and project financing options will be outlined. Finally, there will be a panel discussion on the various project models, and what models or approaches that could work in Ireland, including maximizing the potential of EU support.
This event is OPEN to Lighting contractors, Local Authorities, Lighting Suppliers, Lighting Designers, Public Bodies with Street & Exterior Lighting interests.

Please feel free to invite your maintenance contractor/designer or lighting supplier to this session.
TO REGISTER for this event go to:

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